The thief of dreams

Kedros Publications | 2004 | Illustrations Elli Griva

ISBN: 978-960-04-2543-7
Pages: 48
Ages: 9+


State award in Cyprus for children’s literature


A kid decides that he wants to work as a thief of dreams. And he made it! He didn’t just become a thief, but a grand thief. Not only a grand thief, but a grand thief of dreams. And if that wasn’t enough-being a grand thief of dreams meaning being a thief 200 times over-he was a thief that got paid even selling the dreams he stole in a high price.

But that was only the beginning. Because the thief has an assistant, and also has an adversary,  the most famous thief of dreams in the world. Or is it maybe that not only one person wants to make him stop doing this job?

A somewhat unusual story, but who can say? Could be a very usual one.

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