My mum wears a rainy cloud as a hat

Kedros Edition | 2019 | Illustration: Apostolis Ioannou

ISBN: 978-960-04-5015-6

Pages 112

Age: 9+


My mum wears a rainy cloud as a hat. She puts it on every night. Always. I think. I know it’s a novelty, but I think there aren’t many mums wearing a rainy cloud as a hat.

“Mum, why are you crying?” Well. Don’t answer right away cause you ‘ll ruin my plans.  A made a goal to write a whole book about you. I even find the title, but I am keeping it secret to surprise you.

A stupid reason to cry is because every night a small fly gets in your eye. As a matter of fact this is not only a stupid reason, it’s not even a reason! Anyhow it seems impossible to me that every night a tiny fly should loose its way and instead of anywhere else enters the eye of a crying person!

On the other hand, a serious enough reason is your car not getting started in the morning. Our car has a serious problem. The car mechanic has give it little time to live, if its not properly serviced soon. This is a serious reason fir a mum to cry, especially if a mum can’t afford the repair costs like my mum does.

The problems that adults face, don’t leave the children unaffected. That is why Hope, the book’s heroin, tries to find with spontaneity that characterizes children, an explanation for everything that concerns  and distresses her mum.