My dadmum

Psichogios Publications | 2020

Illustration: Sandra Eleftheriou

ISBN: 978-618-01-2870-3

Pages: 56

Ages: 7-8


“What’s for lunch today dad?”

“Penne ala Dadmum” (Dadmum’s famous penne)

“What is that?”

“Penne with zucchini”

“Dad, have you ever made penne with zucchini before?”

“A couple of times when I was a dad”

“What kind of penne were then?”

“Penne ala Dad. (Dad’s famous penne)

“How was it when you were plain Dad?”


What it feels like when two children live only with their dad. The hero of our story tell us about family moments, painted with humor, showing how special his family is.

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