I am not a monster I tell you!

Kedros Publications | 2011 | Illustration: Sofia Papadopoulou

ISBN: 978-960-04-4177-2
Pages: 120
Age: 9+ 


A book that introduces the reader to the world of children with autism-Asperger’s syndrome.

Cyprus State Award for children’s literature.

Laudation by the ‘’Circle of Greek children’s books’’

Shortlisted for the ‘’I read’’ magazine.

Educational material for children is created based on the book’s story.

The book have been translated in Italian and published by Edizioni Anicia in Roma.


A few words about the book


Anthony the story’s hero is a kid in the autism spectrum (Asperger Syndrome)

Anthony will have to stay for a few days with his neighbour Penny because his dad has to go on a business trip. Penny doesn’t know about his idiosyncrasies neighbtherefore problems in their coexistence keep on coming up. The book presents some of the basic characteristics of autism in a humorous way, adapted for it’s reader group age.


Cyprus State Prize for children’s literature

Laudation from the Circle of Greek children’s book

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I am not a monster

The theater play was staged in Cyprus and Greece directed by Marios Theocharous