Autismo. Le regole non scritte del comportamento sociale per adolescenti

Autism: unwritten rules of social behaviour for adolescence

Panagiota Plissi, Eleni Louvrou

Patakis Publications | 2019

Illustrations: Stelios Stamatiadis

ISBN 978-960-16-6746-1

Pages: 124

Ages: 13+


We don’t know if you are a boy or a girl, if you are 14 or 18 years old, but we do know that teenagers like you make a great effort to find a place in a world that seems so strange to them. There are like observers, the explores of this world, the world of neurotypicals. We hope that with this book’s help you could face your daily life somewhat easier.

The book is divided in chapters, each one focusing on a different issue. A special chapter is made by some exercises through which will be able to see the way to handle various situations.

There is also explanations for all the metaphors used in the text.

A book about social dexterities during adolescence themselves a swell as parents, teachers  and specialists.