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Panayiota Plissi was born in Athens.

She’s the daughter of the renowned cypriot poet, essayist and teacher Kyriakos Plissis
She took teaching studies in Greece and Cyprus.
She also took classes in acting and educational drama.
She worked as a teacher, and is now retired.

Writing children’s books is her main occupation.
Her first book ”The thief of dreams”won the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture 2004 award for childrens’ literarure.
Her book «I’m not a monster I tell you!’’ was written based on her experience of being a mother of a child having Asperger’s syndrome.

This book received the Cyprus state prize for children’s literature for 2011 and a praise from the Greek Children’s Book Circle. Educational material for children is created based on the book’s story. Furthermore was staged as a theater play in Cyprus by the theater troupe ‘Balomeni Tsepi’ directed by Marios Theocharous.

She has been awarded three times with the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture Award for children’s literature.


Ten of her works have been published to this day. Three of them have been translated in italian by Constantina Mavrou and published by Edizioni Anicia in Roma.

Πλησή Παναγιώτα

Her books:

The thief of dreams, published by Kedros 2004 – State Award for Children. Cyprus Literature

The lazycity city-city, published by Kedros 2006

I am not a monster I tell you! Kedros Publishing House 2011 – Cyprus State Prize for Children’s Literature, Praise of the Greek Children’s Book Circle, Short List I read

But dad she’s awful!, published by Kedros 2014 – State Prize for Children’s Literature of Cyprus, Short List of Anagosti

What is mama holding?? Published by Psychogios 2016

Autism: Unwritten rules of social behaviour 4-12 years old, together with Eleni Louvrou, published by Pataki 2017

The dad my mum loves, published by Psychogios 2017

My mum wears a rainy cloud as a hat, published by Kedros 2019

Autism: Unwritten rules of social behaviour for adolescence, together with Eleni Louvrou, published by Pataki 2019

My dadmum, published by Psychogios 2020

Translations of her works:

Non sono un mostro ti dico!, Ed. Anicia,2016

Autismo-Le regole non scritte del comportamento sociale per bambini e ragazzi da 4 a12 anni, Ed. Anicia, 2020

Autismo. Le regole non scritte del comportamento sociale per adolescenti, Ed. Anicia, 2022



Cypriot youth literature speaks Italian

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Panagiota Plissi writes about all the children that will change the world.

Or rather writes in a tent to help them change the world.


I spend the first year of my life in Famagusta, Cyprus, which is now occupied by the Turkish government. The occupation of Cyprus resulted in my family moving to Athens were my mother’s parents lived. I went to school and studied in Athens to become a teacher that I enjoyed greatly. I worked in both Cyprus and Greece. I also took lessons in drama, educational theater and play writing.

I grow up in a home were books where everywhere not on only in the bookshelf. I however was never a bookworm neither as a child or adult and I never thought that I had the ability to write. I believe that my father K. Plissis which was a writer played an important role and tried to find ways to isolate himself played an important role in me becoming a writer.

My father’s influence my innate talent but mainly my life experiences eventually guided me to do what I was meant to do.

My first compete book was created almost magically. The idea came to me suddenly one day when I was half a sleep in the back seat of our car. The next day I got a pen and paper and within the next four days I completed it. The title was “Thief of dreams” which was released in November of 2004 from Kedros Publications and received the Cyprus State Prize for children’s literature.

The majority of my books acknowledge social issues.

Together with the psychologist Eleni Louvrou we collaborated and wrote a series of books concerning autism. It is a series of education books that focus on  unwritten social rules.

Which time of the day do you write?

I am very unorganized when it comes to the time and place that I write.

What does writing mean to you?

One thing is for sure that writing is very important to me and has given a special and very important meaning to my life.